Fundraising is an important aspect of our Foundation's work - both to fund vital research into Prader-Willi Syndrome and to raise awareness in the general community. We can provide support in the way of material or information by contacting

Not sure where to start? GoFundraise has a great list of upcoming events here. You could also consider a small fundraiser among your friends and family through hosting a fun-run, morning tea or requesting donations in place of gifts on special occasions. 


Current Fundraisers

  • Coming up on the 10th November 2018 at Seagulls Club Tweed Heads NSW, Shaine “Twinkle Toes” Mutton, Jamie “Tough Man” Tough and Nathan “Monsoon” Manczal will all be entering  a bucket list amateur boxing event to raise funds and awareness for the Prader-Willi Research Foundation of Australia.
    For more information please visit Shaine's event page, or email Shaine at

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor at this event please click here

Past Fundraisers

  • On the 26th May 2018 Shaine Mutton entered a bucket list amateur boxing event and raised over $28,000 for the Prader-Willi Research Foundation of Australia. "I recently became aware of a work colleague’s daughter who was diagnosed at birth with Prader-Willi Syndrome. It wasn’t until I invested some time to understand the syndrome that I started to appreciate its severity and the impact it has on families and communities. I felt compelled to do whatever I could to generate awareness and funds for research" - Shaine.

  • The We Love Lucy Gala held in Manly, Queensland in February 2018 raised over $25,000 for our research programs. We are so grateful to Lauren O'Brien and her incredible team, to the supporters and donors, and to Lucy and her family, for making the event the huge success that it was.

  • In December 2017 we launched a fundraising campaign to fund Phase 2 of our Magel 2 gene research project. Thanks to this successful fundraiser, the Johnson family and PWSA NSW, this project is now underway.

  • Early in 2017 the Johnson family, whose little Mabel has PWS, raised funds to enable Phase 1 of our Magel 2 gene activation project, in partnership with Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research.

  • Lou's Mission 4 PWS. Lou ran in various events throughout 2016 to raise funds for the Prader-Willi Research Foundation of Australia. "I know this charity will make an enormous difference to many lives affected by this disorder, including ours" - Louise.