Help us develop the map for a life-changing genetic treatment for Prader-Willi syndrome

Today's science offers us unprecedented opportunities to develop life-transforming treatments and the Prader-Willi Research Foundation Australia was established to make these treatments a reality. Scientists advise us that we can now target the underlying genetics of Prader-Willi and that it is likely that the brain will catch up on development.

But there's a problem

Right now developing the right biotech is like driving from Sydney to Perth without a map. Which road is best, safest, fastest? There a number of different biotechnologies in which we could invest but we don't know which are the best to target the PWS genes. We also don't know how easy or fast it will be to make them safely available to patients.

Here's what we're doing about it

We will draw a map. We will thoroughly evaluate the available biotechnologies to determine which ones offer the best chance of a treatment, safely and quickly. This way we can raise precious funds for the development phase and give donors confidence that their money will be spent in the best possible way.

You can join us

Our report will cost $30,000. It will enable us to raise funds to develop the treatment and give us the best chance of changing lives as quickly as possible. You can join us in changing lives by visiting or the donate page on this website.